Monday, September 13, 2010



  1. Never released on DVD or VHS.
    An adaptation of the Kin Platt novel The Boy Who Could Make Himself Disappear. The movie is set in London rather than in New York...and in doing so looses much of the character from the original.
    The only real standout here is Scott's acting.

  2. Thanks for this blog on Scott !! Am a fan since I discovered him in BAXTER in 1973. I personnally think that Reginald Rose's scrip is much better than the book himself. This movie is the MOST underrated movie in all movie history ! WHY ? We will never know. Scott's performance is for me the best ever given by a teenage actor in a movie. Such a pity there is no decent DVD of this movie. I bought a copy on ioffer, but of course it's not very good.

  3. Thanks for the blog. I saw this film in the 70s when I was an early teen and it had a huge impact on me. I am surprised that this never made it to DVD. What a shame! I think it could still touch isolated and troubled teens today. It really is timeless. I have a copy of this on DVD (Burnt from video) that I bought on Ebay. I watch it every year and still get teary-eyed!

  4. I watched and loved this film as a teenager; just did some googling to find out what it was called. The scene at end of the film with Cassel and Jacoby so made me cry, and I've never forgotten it. I wish that it was available to buy!