Monday, September 13, 2010


Rivals is my personal favorite of all the films Scott starred in. It is the gutsiest and most disturbing one. Like Bad Ronald and The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, it borders on horror. But more of a psychological horror than the traditional horror trappings. The cast in great: Robert Klein, Joan Hackett. I love the cinematography, the colors, the somewhat experimental directing style. It's a unique experience and definitely the highlight of director Krishna Shah's output. At the same time, this movie was a bit of a flop, getting terrible reviews and today is mostly forgotten.
The story is excellent though. It also gives a realistic view of NY City in the 1970's as most of this film was shot on location.

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  1. Rivals is one of Scott's first starring roles in a major motion picture after The Anderson Tapes. Written and Directed by Krishna Shah with a soundtrack by Peter Matz. This is a very unusual and exceptionally well made film shot on location in New York. It will be available on DVD this November, 2010.

    Scott starred in this movie around the same time he appeared on Broadway in such shows as The Golden Rainbow and Cry For Us All. He also acted in a stage production of Bradbury's Dandelion Wine that was rehearsed and recorded but never had a theater run. Previous to this, Scott had appeared in numerous TV commercials and even acted on an audiobook.